Hello World. Hello Statamic.

After years without a website now a new start on a new technical basis and in a fresh look

In December 2020, I relaunched this website including the blog. I used the relaunch to experiment with different technical systems:

  • React

  • Strapi

  • Sanity.js

  • Vue.js

  • WordPress with ACF + GraphQL

It was a great journey and every product definitely has its purpose – for my website I ended up with Statamic.

What do you like about Statamic?

Git publishing, great workflow for generating page types and lots of first-party fields (but I still love the power of ACF), Laravel base, and depending on the starter kit, direct Tailwind and Alpine.js support. All feels pretty good so far. Granted: I miss the commenting system of WordPress for this blog a bit.... but you can't have everything.

Why does the page look the way it does?

The design is based on Conversational Design - also an experiment. Let's see how long I'll be satisfied with it. 😇 Currently I'm pretty happy with the flexibility.

Was that all? And a blog post for that?

I hope to be able to report more about my experiences here soon... if time permits. 😅 Until then: Hello World!