macOS hides your menu bar apps when there's not enough screen space – Bartimaeus brings them back.

This month I created product videos for my projects and – both being menu bar apps. Today I had an idea to counter a problem that every menu bar app has: It hides when the current application takes up too much space in the menu.

Fig. 1: Hidden menu bar items 🧐

So what's your solution?

The idea is simple but effective: Bartimaeus moves every hidden item in a drop-down menu bar. Selecting an item in this additional menu has the same effect as clicking on the app itself.

Fig. 2: Showing hidden menu bar items 🎉

There are other apps like e. g. Bartender – don't they provide this feature?

No. With Bartender you have to manually select which items should be hidden behind a "More" button. In contrast, Bartimaeus adapts to the current situation and always shows as many items as possible – if there is enough space, it hides itself.

What's the point with the name?

I was looking for something containing parts of the term "menu bar". In the end, "Bartimaeus" felt pun-chy and (with Jonathan Stroud's books in mind) likeable. 🙂

When will Bartimaeus be available?

To be honest: I don't know. But if you're interested, just send me a message with the word "Bartimaeus" in the contact form below and I will notify you, as soon as it is available. (No spam or newsletters – promised! 🙏🏻)