Creative and Empathetic Developer • Musician

Hi! 👋🏻

I develop and design user interfaces with a strong focus on usability. I prefer to work at the intersection of concept, design as well as frontend + backend development and like being involved with project management.

With my small family (👨‍👩‍👧) I live in beautiful Freiburg, Germany.

What is your background?

As you can see in my CV, I studied (and graduated 😀) to teach music, math and German at school. After my master's degree in "Media in Education" I worked mainly as an employee and freelancer on various projects, especially in the field of web.

What else do you do?

  • I am interested in New Work, project management and workflow optimization.

  • I also play guitar and electric bass in my bands Die Haiducken and Famous Black Raincoat (outside of Corona also live...). 🎸

  • From time to time, other exciting projects cross my path, where I deal e. g. with audio and video production.

(I also find conversational design and chatbots super-exciting... that's why I built my website chat-style.)